Welcome to the specialists for packaging made of PE and PP films

Are you looking for attractive and promotional packaging for high-quality presentation of your products?

Here you'll find several variants of carrying packages with massive injection molded handles, adapted exactly to the contents, we do not sell "air" to you.

Ground floor or cross-fold designs ensure accuracy and printing offers a high advertising effect. Numerous handle shapes and colors are available for an optimal design and visual effect to choose from.

IDoes Your products require corresponding stable slopes and attractive packaging?

We deliver the solution to your packaging problems in the form of various
Hook-packages made of polyethylene and polypropylene films with injection single and double hooks, set access according to your needs, accuracy and precision in execution, with guaranteed constant high quality.
Depending on the trade we offer a wide range of hook and hanger forms, always attuned to the design of your merchendize.

Standard solutions are not our thing! We make your request to our standard.

To this end, we work with you on the various designs for your specialty packaging needs made from polyethylene and polypropylene films, and provide our expertise as packaging provider for your individual needs as our customer, quantity plays only a minor role, we also grow with our tasks. Talk to us.

Your desire is our standard.